Moontower's Favorite Posts By Others

This is a giant work-in-progress. I'll add to it as I revisit posts that were meaningful. The posts are scattered through my files and workspaces.


Jesse Livermore Bangers
  • Jesse Livermore's Upside Down Markets (Link)
  • Jesse Livermore's Profit Margins Don’t Matter: Ignore Them, and Focus on ROEs Instead (Link)

The Curse of the Reserve Currency
  • Phenomenal World's The Class Politics Of The Dollar System (Link)

Trying Too Hard
  • Speech by Dean Williams (Link)

YIMBY Paradoxes
  • Steve Randy Waldman's Home Is Where The Cartel Is (Link)

Excerpts from “Breaking Smart”
  • Venkat Rao's Breaking Smart (Link)
Markets Will Permanently Reset Higher (My Sacrifice to the Delta Gods)
Trade-Offs In Tax Policy
Peak California by Byrne Hobart
Power Laws in Venture by Jerry Neumann

Self Improvement

Marketing Yourself
  • Shawn Wang's How To Market Yourself Without Being A Celebrity (Link)
Self-Help Without The Guilt
  • TJCX's How To Read Self-Help (Link)

Preserving Habits From Covid
  • Zack Kanter's Projects, Process, and the Deep Cleanse (Link)

Wooderson’s Commencement Speech
  • Speech by Matthew McConaughey (Link)

Negotiating Pay
  • Patrick McKenzie's Salary Negotiation: Make More Money, Be More Valued (Link) (Highlights)

The Why And How Of Taking Discoverable Notes
We Don't Need No Education
How To Create Luck by Shawn Wang


Seeing Sociopaths
  • Alex Danco’s The Michael Scott Theory of Social Class (Link)
  • Michael Church’s 3-Ladder System Of Social Class In The US (Link)
  • Venkatesh Rao’s The Gervais Principle (Link)
Working for Free
  • Jonathan Bales' Should You Work For Free? (Link)

The Antidote To Abstraction
  • Charles Eisenstein’s The Age Of We Need Each Other (Link) (Highlights)

When Smart People Have Bad Ideas

Borders Are Subjective
  • Slatestar's The Categories Were Made For Man, Not Man For The Categories (Link) (Highlights)

When Equality Is Cruel

The Egg by Andy Weir
  • Andy Weir's The Egg (Link)

The Zeroth Commandment
Deceiving Your Kids
  • Paul Graham's Lies We Tell Our Kids (Link)

The Magic for Making Quantum Leaps
  • Autotranslucence Becoming A Magician (Link)
Twitter Doesn’t Kill People.
  • Venkat Rao's Against Waldenponding (Link)
Which Principles Are Ok To Bribe?
Acceptance Parenting by Agnes Callard