The Path of Least Resistance

  • Problem Solving and Conflict manipulation are only temporary and lead to oscillatilation
  • ex: even saying you dont want to have any desires, is only another desire. the logical inconsistency eventually leads to failure
  • simple ex: you want to lose weight, so you diet. when you diet, you are hungry, and want to eat. whichever urge is stronger (how fat or how hungry are you?) wins in that moment, leading to back and forth
  • To get what you want in life, you need to become a Creative force
  • Seeing Reality clearly and comparing it to the outcome you desire sets up a tension that can then ultimately be resolved into what you want
  • there may be some residual conflict oscillation within the creative structure, but it is contained
  • tension is your friend, you use it to drive the structure towards ultimate resolution
  • most actions will nto help towards resolving, but some will. you learn as you go. creating is the ability and willingness to learn and change what you are doing as you go to ultimately resolve the conflict
  • You need to be crystal clear about the vision and about reality and then let intuition guide you, learning and adjusting as you go
  • Dont worry about whats possible, the process, eliminating, consensus. Choose what you want and then start from a clear version of where you are.
  • Three types of choices:
    • Primary: major results, something you want in and of itself. Actively choosing these will make you naturally find processes to get you on the path. WE decide the heirarchy. We decide what to make the primary choices in our life!
    • Secondary: these support the primary choices. you never feel in conflict making these choices because they are aligned with what you truly want
    • Fundamental: these are the states of being on which the other choices rest. They are your life orientation, and cannot be changed by internal or external circumstances.
      • The most important fundamental choice is to be the predominant creative force in your own life
      • Fundamental choices for most are to be free, to be healthy and to be true to oneself
    • Strategic moments: seems like you are standing still or going backwords. You ahve to see reality clearly at these times.
      • sometimes the actions are effective but on a time delay. have to assign proper meaning in the absence of progress or this will affect your momentum
      • this takes practice. as you create more you learn to read reality better
    • misrepresenting reality is a killer. the truth is not dangerous, it is absolutely vital feedback in your creative process so that you can create what you have chosen
  • Instinct to create does not go away. creating is your most natural state of being and this comes not from solving problems but from creating what you truly want. The path of least resistance in your life will lead you toward fulfilling your deepest and most profound individual life purpose on this planet
  • Transcendence
    • Tehe power to be born anew, a fresh start, clean slate. unburdened by victories and defeats of the past. realignment of yourself with the very source of your life
    • re-establish your relationship to your natural goodness
  • Through the creative act you reach beyond yourself, beyond your identity, and beyond your own life, because you are working with two kinds of laws: the law of cause and effect and the law of transcendence
    • creating is mastering cause and effect, or the law of karma
    • in the moment of creation, that blank canvas, you have transcended the past. only new possibilities ahead
Masters have a “hologram” in their heads. They see their vision/business/creation so clearly and thoroughly that they can manipulate every angle, every degree, and see how the system is impacted. This is the level of mastery it takes to truly excel
Your life can be a creation. Most people don’t think like this but it’s true. What a difference that is from reacting or responding to the circumstances. Your own life can become a separate entity, and when it does, you can form it, mold it, and change it the way you want. When you are able to do this, you are free to develop your life as independent of your identity. You can succeed or fail without the added burden of an identity crisis.
Creators hardly ever retire for they are doing what they most love, their highest purpose, what they most highly value. There is in the creator a deep longing to create – not out of ego, but out of purpose, a higher sense. For a creator there is always a next step, always anew place to go, never just marking time, writing for it all to end. Creators seem to be intuitively aligned with what life is at its roots: a creation. How can there be an end to purpose in a world in which there is so much to create?
For artists to reach the heights of artistic expression, they cannot hedge their bets. In the tradition of the arts, not only do judgements need to be made, they must also be honestly expressed.
When you come home to yourself without expectations, demands, ulterior motives, or one-way bargains, a fundamental change in the underlying structure of your life takes places. Its path of least resistance now leads you into a state of transcendence, in which total integration of your life cannot but occur