Live the Best Story of Your Life

Out with the Old in with the New

33 Personal Coaching Sessions

  1. Faith. Go for it. Take the leap.
  2. Role Play the New Story. Fake it till you make it.
  3. Mini Stories: Achievable Milestones
  4. Visualization
  5. Embraces the Beasts (Pain) of New Story
  6. Be Grateful
  7. Kaizen - take one step. As small as necessary. Repeat consistently.
  8. Optimism - literally and simply choose to acknowledge and but discard unuseful or pessimistic thoughts. Frame things positively
  9. Shoshin - Beginner’s Mind. Approach everything line it was the first time, like a child. Notice, ask questions and focus is natural.
  10. Focus (flow) - you and the thing you are doing are one. totally immersed, no longer consciously thinking. Simple hack - To refocus, ask yourself “Am I focused”
  11. Reframe winning. Don’t focus on simple outcome or victory. Maybe you saved a run from stopping in the middle. Kept your cool during a terrible PnL day.
  12. Find your mission. North Star to guide decisions. Who you want to be is a better mission than what you want to have. Mini missions are good. New Story itself is a mission.
  13. Asking the can - look for reasons why, not why not
  14. Mentors and Anit Mentors - can be famous people. Be specific About the qualities you want/want to avoid
  15. Data Shmata - Data is not truth, be the data of one. Every rule can have exception
  16. The Watcher - remove yourself from emotion and observe thoughts feelings and transitions
  17. Spinning the Story - you create the story, spin it so it works for you.
  18. Bringing Angels, Not Judges - be kind to self, cheer yourself on
  19. LIstening to the door slam - listen to focus, to get in flow. Birds singing, wind in leaves
  20. Nap Time - take a rest. There is always more to do. Doesn’t mean you shouldn’t stop and recharge, its a necessity.
  21. Celebrate Success & Shrink Failures
  22. Love your Triggers - use others behavior as a chance for growth and learning
  23. Incinerate the past - the new story starts right now. Let go of past
  24. Mental Training 101 -
  25. Getting to Carenegie Hall - one step at a time, small steps
  26. Fake it till you Make it
  27. Training for the Unthinkable - whateve ryou think you are moving towards, you are preparing for life in general.
  28. Nuggets on the path. Stop on smell the roses, etc. journey is > destination
  29. What’s really important? Force self to re examine this
  30. Back Stories - be kind and realize everyone has a back story, often negative
  31. Just Show up, no magic.
  32. The GIft of Adversity. Be non judgement, non resistant.
  33. Look back to see How far you’ve gone. Sometime seems like no progress until you look back over shoulder.