An Astronaut's Guide to Life on Earth

It's a great story/life. I really respect the Colonel. But I didnt get all that much new out of the book. Alot of it was cliche, or at least clliche to me, perhaps because Im already naturally inclined to be like him or because ive read it other places.

Prepare way past the point you think you need to, to the point other people think you are insane - you never know. He was Canadian and thought only 1% chance of being an astronaut, and chose to do everything to get there regardless.

He let go of the outcome. It worked out, but he was comfortable the whole time that it might not (or that he might die).

Be helpful, not competitive. Aim to be a 0, not a +1, at least until you are comfortable.

Choose to be happy everyday. Space is actually boring, except all the tiny little things every day that are shaped by the perspective YOU ARE IN SPACE. There is no reason this attitude can't be brough to anywhere you are, to enjoy each moment for how miraculous it is.