Keyboard Shortcuts in Gmail

Open keyboard shortcut help (Shift + ?)

Select a series of messages (Shift)

Select random messages (Command)

Select all unread messages (Shift + 8 + u)

Archive selected messages (e)

Mark selected messages as important (=)Compose (c)

Search for messages (/)

Go to tasks (g + k)

Add a conversation to tasks (Shift + t)

Reply (r)

Reply all (a)

Forward (f)

Mark current messages unread (Shift + u)

Mark selected message as important (=)

Archive selected message (e)

Jump to newer email (k)

Jump to previous email (j)

Jump to next message in email thread (n)

Jump to previous message in email thread (p)

Mute a conversation (m)

Jump back to inbox view (u)

Insert link (Command + k)

Insert numbered list (Command + Shift + 7)

Insert bullet points (Command + Shift + 8)

Bold/Italicize/Underline (Command + b/Command + l/Command + u)

Remove formatting (Command + Control + \)

Switch between send name, subject line, and body of email (Tab)

Send Email (Command + Enter)