Sentence cadence. Uncovering this secret of great prose in "The Pillars of the Earth" - Matthew Ward Writ

Cadence Matters:

In a hole in the ground there lived a hobbit


A hobbit lived in a hole in the ground

The small boys came early to the hanging


The small boys came to the hanging early

This line from one of C.S. Lewis’ letters. “Always write (and read) with the ear, not the eye. You should hear every sentence you write as if it was being read aloud or spoken. If it does not sound nice, try again.”

From now on, I plan to consider the different possible orders for my words. I’ll try them back-to-front, inside-out. And I’ll read with my ear, not my eye. And I’ll remember that I want the sentence with the most music, the most cadence, the most brilliance, and maybe a little poetry. I’ll remember that it’s not that hard. Sometimes it’s as simple as moving one word.