Jan 2020
Jan 2020

Jan 2020


Reps Focus: Doing Level 7 very strictly (stick to level 6 for shoulders)

Habits Focus: Meditation + processed foods

Projects Focus: maybe migrate website, tighten focus on health wiki


Did well with exercising. Really well. Feel strong and good posture. But diet could have gone better (or worse!) Need to focus on calories and quality next month.

Slacked off on starting new projects. Been low energy in that department. BUT LS2 has me excited and feeling like I should reward myself by not worrying too much about making progress on all fronts.

Also have slowed down pace of reading books, but that's ok. Last few years was reading just for the sake of it, lack of direction. Helped find areas I like and now time to create more.

End of Month Checklist

Review and Log Habit Tracker stats
Review and Log Rep Stats
Review and Log Cardio and Yoga Stats
Review and Log Personal Finances
Add Events/Highlights
Add photo of month for gallery view
Review big tasks or objectives completed
Review Next Month Calendar and add any tasks needed to task list
Review Waiting for list
Review Tasks without a reminder or deadline and move onto roadmap