• You want adventure, excitement, contentment & fulfillment. Take care of your family, impress clients, have people think you are smart and effective.

Knock Down Walls

  • Thoughts are only limit
  • Busting down walls simply takes practice, no exceptions.

Power of the Password

  • Facebook harvard effect
  • exclusivity
  • but make it funny - convo starter, community builder
  • give them something, anything, they cant get elsewhere
  • password is key to mystery, excitement, exlusivity

Something for Everyone

  • Dont be easy to understand
  • Be impossible to MISunderstand
  • Research by looking for personal connections
  • Go in with clear win win and confidence with both parties
  • Show them you are a real person

Be the Real Deal

  • Once you are known for delivering, there is compounding
  • Your network can vouch you are the real deal and get otherwise impossible things done with people you do not directly know
  • the return on an experience is so much more than simply cash
  • to be the real deal, you need to get to know their core
  • need to know your passion & their passion

No Passion, No Point

  • People don't want to be sold or bought
  • Find your passion takes time but worth it
  • Most of us have no idea
  • Be open and honest
  • Steve's Passion is other peoples Passion
  • How to get at people's passion? QUESTION EVERYTHING
    • Ask at least 3 times
    • does not mean doubting, its going deeper
    • start with yourself
  • Passion is a language or currency

Failure is Just More Discovery

  • the bar for trying something is impossibly low know, look at everythiing around us
  • internet gives you immediate feedback
  • discover what you don't know and learn to do it
  • Failure is paying for an education - there is no failure
  • no end of the road until you are 6 feet under
  • authenticity and passion are parallel and lead to Flow state

Relax You're in Good Company

  • Don't Quit
  • If you have decided something is attainable and are going for it, entertaining doubt is a waste of time

Be Afraid of Standing Still

  • We are all born unique, and then spend the next forty years diluting ourselves to become just like everyone else
  • Worst thing could possibly happen is being in the same spot one year from now
  • Get comfortable with being uncomfortable. Bottom Line. Something to rise to
  • "I fuck up, I overreach constantly and it goes wrong so many times. However, when it goes wrong I always know that i can wake up the following day and I can make it right, because it's happened before"

Ugly Works

  • Focus on not being too polished
  • Real
  • Ex: Mails a receipt he had a drink at a bar to client saying "I was thinking about you" pp 77

Personal Branding is Personal

  • Honest look at yourself to figure out your core persona
  • Plumber wearing a three piece suit. Something doesn't fit
  • My wealth is simply that I am me, that I look after those around me and I have love and support and faith with those people
  • Must do a personal audit
    • what do i like? not like? good at? bad at?
    • why would someone trust this brand? for what?
    • what do you stand for? how people feel around you?
  • Chug test
  • Walk the walk

The Power to Say No

  • more equals dilution
  • be honest with people if no relationship wanted

The Art of Delegation

  • everyone has a 5% Zone of Genius that is unique
  • When you can build a team of people doing their 5% you can scale
  • anything that saves someone time is going to be a good business or investment

What Makes a Brand Great

  • great is not a tangible goal, pick something else
  • Prestige = desire
  • people are mimetic
  • Focus on strengths and ignore weakness or you will have strong weaknesses
  • Marketing = Get the right people to say the right things about you.

The Art of Speaking Human

  • Business has to be personal
  • stand on what you've built and say, this is what i care about, this is what i do, this is who i am
  • everyone wants to work with unique, individual people

Give them a Reason to Believe

  • tell your clients when you are investing in yourself!!
  • everything is moving at exponential speed. ROI on yourself
  • best gifts in the world are under 50 bucks

Sponge it Up

  • be willing to get into uncomfortable situations
  • no excuses up front. can make them up after if your ego needs
  • action is everything
  • everytime you stretch, you will grow. not shrink back
  • Fear and embarassment hold us back
    • not just fear of embarassment
    • what if you succeed? more responsibility, more worry, higher wire, more attention
  • must get out there, must get 1% better or soak up 1% more than yesterday
    • This is Guaranteed Growth. It compounds
  • not about faking it, about sponging it up
  • you can go bankrupt, lose your income, lose your business. You cannot lose your experiences and what you have learned.

Passion & Persistence

  • endless persistence for a goal but not patience
  • P&P untoppable together

Actually Give a Damn

  • Top 5 bluefishing guidelines
  • 1-5 are all pay attention to your relationships
  • only spend time with people you like and want to be around
  • Steve's whole job is to maintain relationships
  • only take on clients you ACTUALLY care about
  • every relationship boils down to listening
  • Money is just a symbol. It's the people who are using the symbol

Dont Count Your Losses

  • only recognize success, not losses
  • that will demotivate you
  • be as selfish as you have to be
    • have to clear out head, recalibrate, etc

Bluefishing Playbook

  • Another way to describe luck:
  • everything you've been doing, the hard work, beneath the surface, searching for authenticity, all your efforts to observe and absorb and change and grow and evolve and succeed all that suddenly leads to a moment when you're on top of it all