MTHFR and Methylation


If you are looking for information on methylation and the MTHFR gene, this is where to start.

If you do not know what methylation is, and would like to understand the basics, click open the introduction below:

Click here for an introduction to methylation.

For recommendations on how to obtain sufficient methylation-supporting nutrients in your diet, click open the next section, “How to Eat to Nourish Your Methylation.”

Click open the next link for my protocol for adapting your diet and supplements to the common genetic variations in the methylation pathway, most notably MTHFR:

Testing Nutritional Status: The Ultimate Cheat Sheet contains a comprehensive approach to assessing and managing your status for all of the essential vitamins, minerals, and fatty acids. It outlines three different approaches depending on whether time or money are your most limiting resources. It includes guidance for dietary analysis, lab testing, and analyzing your signs and symptoms.

It is called a “cheat sheet” because, although it is 78 pages long, the first five pages give you complete instructions and hold your hand through a step-by-step process to read only those other sections of the guide as are most important for your particular situation. When you identify an issue with a nutrient, it leads you to the section for that nutrient, where you are given signs and symptoms of deficiencies and toxicities, dietary patterns and other risk factors that would cause a problem with that nutrient, and a way to fix the issue and monitor how effective your fix is. Eight pages are devoted to methylation-related nutrients, and many more pages are devoted to the B vitamins and minerals that indirectly support methylation.

To purchase it, use this link and copy and paste the discount code METHYLATION5 to get $5 off.

Try searching the site for “methyl,” “methylation,” or any of the specific nutrients discussed on this page. Try doing the same on Google and adding “masterjohn” to turn up things I have written on this site or elsewhere.


Part 3 of how NUTRITION has a HUGE impact on your BRAIN!

Everything in your brain is something you ate, something you made from something you ate, or, in a few cases, something your mother ate. Nutrition impacts your mental and emotional health, the function of your five senses, and your conscious and unconscious control over your body movements.

Join me as I lead you in a safari through the textbook, “Neuroscience,” pointing out along the way all the interesting connections to nutrition. Listen in for part 2 on the THE FIVE SENSES!

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00:35 Cliff Notes

08:50 Exteroception and proprioception are mediated by mechanoreceptors.

11:32 Pain is mediated by nociceptors, which are unspecialized, low-sensitivity neurons.

13:10 Capsaicin activates the TRPV1 receptor, which is also activated by hot temperatures.

15:12 The use of topical capsaicin to relieve chronic pain

18:25 Interoception is our sense of the physiological state within the body.

20:20 Why anorexics crave spicy foods

22:17 Managing pain in the peripheral nervous system; acidity sensitizes pain receptors.

24:12 Managing the fatty acids that help resolve inflammation, particularly arachidonic acid and DHA, to help with peripheral sensitization to pain

25:59 Combining aspirin with fish oil, glycine, and bicarbonate to help with peripheral sensitization to pain

30:50 Central sensitization to pain occurs through an LTP-like process, which is mediated by NMDA receptors.

32:47 Overview of vision and the importance of vitamin A

38:21 The role of vitamin A in preventing night blindness and its very closely related role in setting your circadian rhythm

41:54 Overview of hearing

44:20 Nutrients important for hearing

45:44 Overview of smell

47:41 Overview of taste

Mastering Nutrition Episode 10: How to Know if Your Genetics Contribute to Your Sensitivity to Blue Light and Poor Sleep, and What to Do About it on genetic variation in the melanopsin protein.

Mastering Nutrition: Why You Should Manage Your Zinc Status and How to Do It, since the opsin proteins are zinc-dependent.

Assorted other posts on zinc.

Testing Nutritional Status: The Ultimate Cheat Sheet is a comprehensive guide for testing nutritional status for all the nutrients discussed in this episode, and more. Use the code MASTERINGNUTRITION for $5 OFF.

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