PARA 5 Project Deep Dive

We are using the GTD definition of a project: “any outcome you’re committed to completing that requires more than one action step.”

Step 1 Capture

Write down anything that could be a project - look:

  • Your mind (worries, mental bandwidth
  • Calendar
  • Next Actions (Simiple To Do)
  • Agendas (call someone back)
  • Bag
  • Physical Environment (return package)
  • Digital Environment (read, organize)
  • Creative Opportunities (classes, pursuits)
  • Processes (streamline)
  • Competence Building

Step 2 Clarify

  • Delete obvious non projects
  • Move someday/maybe to bottom
  • Merge projects with some outcome/goal
  • If a project has only one task, put it on calendar (or Inbox project list)
  • Delegate appropriate projects

Step 3 Identify Outcome or intention for each project

  • SMART Framework (Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevent, Time Bound)
  • Rewrite projects so it is clear how it leads to outcome
  • “Oversee, ensure, maximize” = Area
  • Finalize, submit, deliver, compelte, send = Project

Step 4 Review Projects Weekly

  • Is it still a priority?
  • Look at Areas…are related projects Too many? Not enough
  • Are goals still clear?
  • Do you want to just stop one?