Tiny Software VC - Portfolio Companies


Interested in selling us a business?

We aren't your typical buyer. We won't try to flip your business in 3-5 years. We won't mess with your team and culture. We won't lock you into golden handcuffs or push complex deal terms. We won't ruin your life with months of unnecessary due diligence. We won't renegotiate and grind you on terms.

We keep things dead simple. We'll make an offer within 7 days and close in 30. We started Tiny to create the buyer we wish we could have sold to. Here's a post we wrote about it.

The companies we buy usually fall into three buckets:

  • You've scaled your business with real customers and revenue. It's profitable ($500k-$15MM), but you're thinking about your next chapter. Either handing the reigns to someone else, or partnering for the next phase.
  • You've raised some money and built a good business with serious revenue and maybe some profit, but you can't achieve venture scale. Your investors need a soft landing, and you want to sell to someone who appreciates your efforts.
  • You've got early employees/ investors or a co-founder who wants to leave or cash out and you want to swap them for a friendly new face who can add value and help you grow the business (us!).

Why sell to us?

Does your business fit the bill?

What we typically look for in companies we acquire:

• 3-5+ years of operating history • Profits. A minimum $500k/year in annual profit, as high as $15MM. • A high quality team in place. This is negotiable if the business is simple to operate and the team wants to leave. • We are open to owners sticking around, leaving cold turkey, or transitioning out over time. We'll work with you to transition.

We like simple internet businesses that have high margins, don't require tons of people or complex technology, and have a competitive advantage that protects them from competitors. For example: A dominant brand, a large and loyal community, a niche vertical, or something similar.

If you're concerned your business doesn't fit the bill, feel free to send it to us anyway. We'll take a look and let you know within a couple days if it's a fit.