Business Memos

Business Memos

Each of the below are 'interesting' which I define broadly as either the impact they had, the quality of their writing or just helping shed light on how communication works in a different domain. If you know of an interesting memo in the public domain (or you have permission to share), drop me a note at


Memos from various business settings. I've split out memos from specific companies below when there's several of them.


Some surprisingly fun memos from the sports world!

  • Sam Hinkie's resignation letter Sam Hinkie's famous resignation letter to the owners of the 76ers. Trust the process!
  • David Griffin to the Cavs David Griffin's famous memo to the Cavs team when they were down 1-3 in the NBA finals - which they would come back to win in one of the greatest comebacks in NBA finals history.

Government/Political memos

Various memos from government, politics and the armed forces.

Microsoft memos

Due to a combination of my early time at Microsoft, my fascination with their history and their dominance over tech in the 90s, there's a lot of interesting memos from Microsoft. Collected a few notable ones here.

  • Ben Slivka's internal memo to MSFT on the web You can read more about this famous memo here. Sadly Microsoft ignored most of the recommendations from Ben Slivka on how the web will shape app deployment and development. Ben has a great post going into this in greater detail.
  • Buffett-Jeff Raikes email Warren Buffet and long time Microsoft exec Jeff Raikes email back and forth on how to value Microsoft as an investment.
  • Bill Gates - Tidal Wave memo Gates's memo to Microsoft's exec staff in 1995 asking them to pivot to focusing on the internet.
  • Chris Mason - Zero Defects A Microsoft memo from the late 80s on writing code with zero defects!
  • Word 1.0 postmortem A post mortem of the development effort to launch Word 1.0.
  • Sinfosky - Computing at Cornell This is the legendary memo Steven Sinofsky - then Bill Gates's "technical assistant" wrote to Bill on how Cornell had gotten itself the internet.
  • J Allard - Killer App Before he became famous for the Xbox, J Allard climbed up the ranks at Microsoft with this famous memo on how to position Windows for the internet. A personal favorite.
  • Bill Gates on Movie Maker Bill Gates's internal memo bemoaning the terrible end to end experience of downloading Movie Maker. I love this for many, many reasons.

Facebook memos

A few Facebook memos have come online recently. I've tried to highlight interesting memos don't involve me directly. :)

  • Zuck on the messenger ecosystem Mark Zuckerberg outlines how he thinks FB messenger should be monetized.
  • Andrew Bosworth on FB ads Andrew "Boz" Bosworth's strategy memo on how FB should approach ads. This is a personal favorite for multiple reasons - Boz is a personal friend and ex-colleague and this showcases his strategy skills. And more importantly, this memo lead to some of my work later on in the audience network.
  • Mark Zuckerberg on the thesis for why Facebook should buy Unity From Blake Harris's "History of the Future", Zuckerberg lays out his reasoning for why Facebook should buy Unity.